Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Zidane, plan B for Les Bleus?

Hmmmm....after Deschamps asked the FFF to give him some time to reflect, the latest is that the heat has been turned up on Zizou. Is this is little gamesmanship on the part of Le Graet? Giving Deschamps a small kick in the back end, not allow him to waffle too long. Or is Le Graet about Zidane? Zizou has made it clear recently that taking the reigns of France is something he would be interested in doing...but not necessarily today.

France's next manager?

To me I think Zidane is not ready to take over the reigns for France. Both Blanc and Deschamps cut their teeth at the club level before Blanc ended up taking over Les Bleus, and Deschamps looks like he might follow those footsteps. Zizou's ability on the pitch is without question, arguably one of the top 5 players of all time, but that does not necessarily translate to the management role. Like in many sports, it is usually the non-super stars that make the best managers - they are more students of the game, they did not have the superhuman natural ability that made them so good. Of course this is not a hard rule -

  • Platini managed Les Bleus to a 100% qualifying campaign, with victories over Spain and Czechoslovakia. A 19 game unbeaten streak led to Platini getting manager of the year awards, but the 1992 Euros saw France crash out after the group stages.
  • Beckenbauer managed the German national team to the 1990 World Cup title as well as the 1986 runner up finish, his first managerial role. Not bad.
The difference is both these players were leaders on the field with their talents and also in the dressing room...I am not sure Zizou was all that great at the latter.

I think that Le Graet really wants to see Deschamp running the national team, this smells like a ruse to get DD to sign on the dotted line. If he has to try an persuade Zidane to manage the national team, it would not be a PR move. Just not sure the results will come on the pitch.

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