Monday, July 09, 2012

Les Bleus get their man - Deschamps takes over France

After a tempest in a tea cup of a soap opera, the FFF lands their man - Didier Deschamps. Not a huge surprise. DD had been in the conversation for the past 4 years, many thought he would get the role after Domenech left.

DD's resume is nothing to sneeze at - captained Les Bleus during the golden era winning the World Cup in 1998 and the Euros in 2000. He then managed Monaco, getting the French side to the Champions League finals, falling to Mourinho's Porto side 3-0. He then had stints at Juventus and most recently Marseilles, winning silver ware at each stop. DD was destined to manage Les Bleus....but....I am wary of his future with France. Why?

In most circumstances, having the former captain of France run the team would instantly change the atmosphere. Just having a World Cup and European Cup winner at the helm would and should dictate a different attitude from the players. At least for a honeymoon period. Unfortunately this time the former captain is replacing...another former World Cup and European Cup champion. Another player that held a very similar stature when it comes to the French national team. Deschamps replaces Blanc...Le a strange way it feels as if Blanc is taking the left overs from Blanc. Blanc is the one that decided not to renew his contract and now Deschamps is the "second choice."

What I fear is that Blanc might have resigned since he felt his team and the players had tuned him out. So why would they all of a sudden listen to his former teammate.

Deschamps has the pedigree and experience to be successful, but he will have to deal with the challenge of replacing his former teammate. Meet the new boss same as the old boss?


Anonymous said...

Best of luck for DD........This is old query..what was ur reaction abt old coach like LEmere Santini and Doms..i think all there was not a good coach..they are the main reason for france bad result in 2002 2004 2008 2010 ..



GFC said...

Good question. I think Lemerre managed France perfectly in 2000...granted he had a stacked team. His problem was holding on to the old guard for the 2002 World Cup. I think the likes of Petit and Djorkaef were getting long in the tooth. What I cannot understand to this day is why once Zizou was hurt we did not see Micoud? The Pires injury that season was also a difficult one.

Santini never seemed to get the plot and was distracted by Tottenham. He insisted on playing Zizou wide...and for some reason wanted two holding midfielders in the form of Makelele and Dacourt (when Vieira went down) that did not provide a true "linking" player. Such as Vieira or today we see in Cabaye.

As for Domenech...I have ranted enough about him over the past few seasons. I have no idea how he lasted THREE tournaments! Were it not for the heroics from Zidane, Vieira et al in 2006 Domenech would have been out of a job then....

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