Sunday, May 20, 2012

PSG fall a tad short

What an ending for Ligue 1, not as crazy as what happened across the channel a week ago with Manchester City, but still a crazy ending. With Montpellier only needing a draw away to already relegated Auxerre and PSG needing to win versus Lorient and hope that Auxerre pull of the upset, it made for a tense last day.

Enjoy it while you can..
It started off well for PSG with Auxerre some how going up 1-0 versus Montpellier...and then all hell broke loose. Toilet paper, tennis balls and other objects rained down onto the Auxerre pitch from idiotic fans protesting the storied French side's relegation. This caused delays, teams being pulled from the pitch and questioning whether or not the game would continue.

Meanwhile, PSG decided to once again make things difficult and give up a goal to Lorient while watching their golden boy Pastore miss 2 chances. PSG finally woke up and found a way to a 2-1 victory, but because of the shenanigans in Auxerre the game was delayed so PSG was able to watch as Montpellier fought back themselves to a 2-1 victory. With that, the club from the south of France are crowned Ligue 1 champions. PSG only have themselves to blame. All one needs to do is look at the 6 dropped points versus Nancy, shouldn't a club of PSG's stature and aspirations be able to at least split the games against a club that was in a relegation battle most of the season?

PSG has announced it will increases its budget by 50m Euros to 200m Euros for next season, putting in the same neighborhood as the likes of Intern Milan. Clearly they are going to look to make inroads in the Champions League. But they must also demonstrate a greater ability to manage a championship - and cannot drop points uselessly.

On the flip side, I fear that Montpellier will suffer from its success. They stand to lose some of their key players heading into a Champions League campaign...might be ugly.

Congrats to Montpellier for winning Ligue 1, enjoy it while you can!

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