Monday, May 28, 2012

Blanc will get his squad in the next 24 hours

After the match yesterday, Blanc announced that he will have his roster set by today or tomorrow, meaning 2 unlucky will head home. So who will it be? A good article about those that might be on the short list, click here. The names listed - Yanga-Mbiwa, Gourcuff, Martin, Matuidi, Valbuena and Evra! The last name being the most surprising.

I think the first two names are the ones that should be left off the list. Here is why:

  • Yanga-Mbiwa - he has a good future with the senior squad showing what he can do this season for Ligue 1 champion Montpellier. However I think that in a pinch Blanc is going to lean on some veterans to provide cover at central defense (Mbiwa has not played a single minute for the senior squad). If he has to go to his #4 center back France has bigger problems! Diarra and Evra could both slot in the middle in a pinch. I think that Blanc will want to keep that roster spot open for one of his offensive midfielders who will more likely play a role with the squad.
  • Gourcuff - I just do not think he is 100% ready to showcase for the national side again. As I mentioned in my last post, I feel the Lyon midfielder is a gear or two slow when it comes to the way Les Bleus are playing these days. Gourcuff needs more time to recover with regards to his game and his physical health. Because of that I do not think that Blanc should carry him on the roster when he could instead keep the likes of Martin who, while did not have a great season at Sochaux, remains a spark plug that can turn a game on its ear as a substitute.

Matuidi might be on the outside looking in, but I think that Blanc will want to keep 3 pure holding midfielders, I know that Malouda can slot deeper and Cabaye can play that role. However both these players are more geared to the offense. Valbuena and his ability to play both wings is a valuable component - much like Martin can offer a late game change of pace. Evra, for not showing well yesterday remains a veteran - something that Blanc values.

We will see...does Blanc favor his binky (Gourcuff), take chances with his center back depth?


Anonymous said...

I don't know about taking only 3 centre halfs. has A diarra pplayed that position before?

Anonymous said...

Yoann Gourcuff and Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa will not go to the Euro


GFC said...

Diarra can play center back in a pinch as could Evra. Risk worth taking to keep some options on the wing and midfield

Anonymous said...

I have to say I disagree with the choice to take only 3 CBs. The defense is already shaky. A couple of red cards or an injury to one of the CBs will sink France. If France is reduced to playing Evra at CD, the game is up. If Blanc had no intention of bringing Yanga-Mbia, he should've selected Sakho or another CB.

GFC said...

I agree that bringing only 3 CBs is a gamble, but I think one worth taking. I think that Blanc will leverage all his midfield options, while his CBs will only be used if he is forced to...reason for the gamble.

Jeff said...

Part of the problem is that Blanc doesn't know who he wants for his midfield and attacking options. It's absolutely a gamble to take only three central defenders. If Blanc knew, for example, that he preferred Martin to Valbuena, and that there's little to no chance of Valbuena playing, then he could drop Valbuena, and take the more prudent approach of keeping 4 central defenders. As it is, Blanc is plagued by uncertainty about his best attackers, so he's gambling on only taking three central defenders.