Thursday, January 19, 2012

Warriors...come out and play. Liverpool shaking things up

Interesting story, Liverpool Football Club will be the first footy team wearing the Warrior brand kit. Warrior is known more for their equipment for hockey and lacrosse with a host of goodies from gloves to sticks to shoes. Now they are jumping into the fray of big time footy with one of the biggest fish out there - Liverpool. Long time equipment maker, Adidas, will be left scratching their heads as to where do they go in the Premiership (Liverpool and Chelsea were their two big clubs, paralleling Nike's Manchester United and Arsenal).

This is interesting as Under Armor, another US based sporting company, will be kitting Tottenham next season. Following in the footsteps of Nike, these two US based firms are turning their eyes to the world's most popular sport to expand their top line. Of course Under Armor has some, albeit short, history in soccer having jumped into the boot game a few seasons back. Warrior is no experience in footy, but what a way to make a splash!

It will be interesting to see how Warrior, not steeped in design tradition for footy, will do with the classic red of Liverpool.

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