Monday, September 05, 2011

The right wing - why so many problems for France?

Against Albania, Laurent Blanc decided to slot one of his left wingers on the right side. Unlike during the 2006 World Cup where the new kid on the block Ribery was slotted right with Malouda left, Blanc flip flopped these two against Albania. But why? Unlike under Domenech, Blanc has placed natural right wingers on his roster - Valbuena, Menez and Remy. So why do you have to try to force a left winger on the right side?

Valbuena strikes in Wembley
Blanc needs to put the best line up and the best players on the pitch. Is Malouda better than the likes of Menez, Valbuena or Remy on the pitch let alone out on the right side? Not sure. When all three mentioned right wingers have been given time on the pitch they have all shown what they can do - all positive. Is Blanc trying to placate the old guard? Is there a fear of an undertone of rebellion? I hope not. My sense is that Malouda is a professional and if he has to site and watch Ribery on the left then he will be fine. If he is not, then drop him from the squad.

Blanc could even slot a Nari on the right, give the central midfield baton to Martin, might make the Manchester City player more at ease with less "responsibility" of being the French #10. Heading into the Romania match I would like to see the following -

Slot Abidal back to the left, insert Rami back with Kaboul in the center of the defense. M'Vila deserves to start, he is rapidly becoming one of the core players for Blanc. Diarra can shoulder him again, if Blanc decides to continue with his "muscled" midfield. The three attacking midfielders - Ribery on the left, Nasri in the middle (give him another shot at pulling the strings) and Valbuena on the right. I think the "petit velo" should be allowed to run at Romania on the right, with his pace on the right it would be a scary compliment for the pace of Ribery on the left. With Benzema up front and of course Lloris in goal, another 2 key core players for Blanc.

Let's stop trying to tinker with the right wing and just start one of the many true right winger options Blanc has at his disposal!

Allez les Bleus.


Philip said...

Glad to see Rami back. Why was he suspended in the first place? Anyways I think this 12 game unbeaten streak is helping France with their confidence and are now looking like a team that would be really hard to beat.

Allez les Bleus

Jeff said...

It feels like France is close to being a great team. If we could peak at the Euros it would be brilliant.

I thought Menez looked good when he had chances on the right, but Valbuena could work too.

Malouda has nothing left in the tank.

If Blanc drops Nasri, his injury, even if it's minor enough that he can train, has to be considered a factor. Blanc seems overly disappointed in him, because I thought Nasri show some real threat in the second half against Albania.

Anonymous said...

Boss is TV5 Asia Will be telecast this match?????

This is very important Match for France....If France loose this match then qualify will be tough...



from Bangladesh

GFC said...

I believe TV5 should carry this match otherwise I know that will carry if you can get in your region.

Rami was suspended for a yellow card violation.

France has the talent to be great, but do they have the mental toughness and more importantly can Blanc find the right combination? There is quality up and down the squad, but it does not always show itself on the pitch. That is the challenge that Blanc faces.

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