Monday, September 26, 2011

Deja vu all over again...RVP tepid on long term commitment to Arsenal

Shhhhh, let's not talk about my future at the North London feeder club
Sigh, the theme from the past few seasons seems to continue as the latest story around Arsenal is that the current skipper and freshly minted 100 goal scorer - Robert Van Persie - is not sure about his future with the club. Sound familiar? Well it should since we went through this BS this past summer with Cesc and Nasri. Why do we not hear about players saying the same thing at Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Tottenham or Liverpool? Hmmmm, maybe because they try to win titles and bring in quality players every season.

The window for Wenger is rapidly closing, I think it might have already closed. This winter transfer window will be very telling, will he finally get off his hands and spend to make his club better or once again seeking out youth talent from all corners of the globe only to see them get farmed out on loans? While I am not a huge RVP fan, I think he is too fragile, it is telling that once again your captain is questioning the clubs commitment to winning. Regardless of all the last minute activity by Wenger, it was clear that Wenger was a dollar short and a day late.

If Wenger and the board do not wake up soon, players will continue to look at Arsenal with a dubious eye.


Jeff said...

That's Rob"in".

I have an inner wild-eyed optimist that can envision a dramatic turn-around for Arsenal, but they do look like a bit of a feeder club at the moment.

Of the five signings on the last two days, Arteta and Benayoun look good, Mertesacker looks shaky (although his credentials are incredibly good), and Santos and Park can't get a game. I had optimism that all five might be able to step right up, like Arteta and Benayoun have.

Still, despite everything - the loss of top players, the 8-2 drubbing, the position near the foot of the table, I think there will be good surprises from this team this year.

Losing Robin will be yet another blow, and setbacks like that will probably keep Arsenal out of reach of the very top teams, but there's enough about this team to make it fun to watch.

Your PSG, by the way, are pretty decent to watch these days as well.

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