Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Arsenal rumored to be looking at OM winger as potential Nasri replacement...interesting

The latest rumor is that Arsenal sniffing around Marseilles and their French international - Valbuena. Interesting. The Marseilles winger has never been high on Deschamps list of key pieces for OM. I am not sure how the winger would be seen as a replacement for the potential departures of Nasri and Cesc.

Wearing #10, but more of a winger than central midfielder

Cesc and Nasri are closer to the traditional #10, they play in the center of the park can either slot high on the pitch or drop deeper, but always roaming around that middle of the pitch. Granted, Nasri can easily slot out wide as well, but he is at ease pulling the strings in the center. Not sure that Valbuena would be someone at ease in that role. So why is Wenger thinking about adding him to the roster? Unless Arsenal believe they can hold on to Nasri and/or Cesc. Otherwise I fear the void left in the middle of the park will be too much to overcome and having another winger - Valbuena - will be an exercise of deck chair rearrangement on the Titanic. Couple this with the addition of Gervinho and all of sudden you become winger heavy with little depth at the center of the formation.

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