Friday, July 01, 2011

Arsenal - net sellers once again? Next stop Europa League?

So it appears that once again, Arsenal will end up being in the black after the transfer window closes...meaning they will be a net seller. Good? Bad? Typical?? Here is what it might look like:

  • Purchase Gervinho from LOSC for 11m pounds. Great another winger! Maybe we should look to getting a true #9 instead...
  • Oh Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain at 12m pounds, great, the next wonder kid English winger...he isn't even 18 yet...guess we will have to wait for that impact on the first team.
  • Sell Clichy to Manchester City for 7m pounds, not a surprise that the French left back leaves, it feels as if his time had run its course at Arsenal.
  • Rumor - 18m pounds for Nasri to join Clichy at ManCity...might be more if Manchester United gets serious in the bidding.
  • Rumor - 35m pounds for Cesc to Barcelona, we have all been waiting for this move and I think this is the season it finally happens.
  • Rumor (purchase) - Cahill at 17m pounds
So net net, 40m pounds out, close to 60m pounds in....great we made a profit! Pop the champagne! Pay down more of the debt! Put some in the player's 401ks! Buy back some outstanding shares! Fund more R&D! Invest in some PP&E!!! Oh wait that is what you would do if Arsenal were a business. But it isn't, Arsenal is a sporting and entertainment entity. Add to these rumors the likelihood that Arshavin, Bendtner and possibly Diaby/Rosicky are all shown the exit and what type of team do we have left?

Arsenal are making me very nervous with regard to  comings and goings in the transfer market. If they do lose Nasri, Arshavin and Cesc where will the creativity come from? Who will be pulling the strings in midfield? No addition of a true #9 is a concern. What about...the goalkeeping?

If Wenger and Arsenal do not take a different tact I fear the club might be relegated to competing in the Europa League in the near future.


Jeff said...

Bean Town Frog,

Somewhat negative.

With Gervinho in there, Arsenal will create a lot of chances. Van Persie will convert them.

Vermaelen should have a good season.

Another big season for Wilshere and Wocheck.

Bang out of order to call Wocheck into question.

Quality through the squad.

Ramsey is quality.

Gibbs: deadly finishing, from a full back.

Another great season coming up for Sagna.

Djourou and Koscielny will fight for games.

Song should keep his place in midfield.

Walcott should really push on this year.

Gervinho RVP Walcott
Wilshere Song Ramsey
Gibbs Vermaelen Djourou/Koscielny Sagna

Quality side.

GFC said...

I think you might be overly optimistic...I don't doubt there remains quality. But enough of it and enough depth? That I call into question.

If we lose cesc and nasri, that puts additional pressure on Wilshere, not sure he is ready to be the primary creative engine in the midfield. If RVP stays healthy that will be a minor miracle. Gervihno will be a nice addition but he isn't the next coming of Titi.

Agree the back line should, if healthy, hold their own. I still need to see more out of the keepers.

I just don't see the same level of quality and DEPTH needed to compete w Chelsea, ManU, City and even Liverpool.

We shall see

Jeff said...

Wilshere = Quality.

Van Persie. Quality.

Scholes just took a cheap shot at the Boss.

GFC said...

Scholes is a .... Well you fill in the blank.

No question RVP is quality, when healthy

philip said...

I am having my doubts with Wenger. Maybe they should just sell him to PSG. I think he would do better there anyways.