Friday, April 01, 2011

When politics and football cross paths

Interesting news from the world of soccer that could impact Les Bleus and their qualifying campaign - read here. Bosnia has been suspended from FIFA and UEFA...meaning they might not be able to complete their Euro qualifiers. While they sit 4th in Group D, they have a game in hand and assuming they win that match would only be 2 points off the pace set by group leaders France.

Group D


1France France520120040181712
2Belarus Belarus51101112213128
3Albania Albania52100112214408
4Bosnia-Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina41011102116427
5Romania Romania511001212256-15
6Luxembourg Luxembourg6012003015111-101

It would be unfortunate if this were to occur, Bosnia is one of Europe's up and coming nations with the likes of Pjanic and Dzeko, not having these players participate in international competitions would be a shame. All this over the Bosnian FA not complying with president rules outlined by the UEFA. The root cause - ethnic division within the FA. Again, rekindling some old political and ethnic divisions, sad, but reality of what are the Balkans.

Let us hope that Bosnia can at least play out the remainder of the qualifiers and Euro if they qualify. This is similar to what happened to the former Yugoslavia in 1992 when the war disqualified them from the Euros...where replacement nation Denmark went on to win the trophy!


Anonymous said...

what is the purpose of the FIFA rule? and what is the harm in having 3 heads to the B-H FA? If having 3 presidents helps to sustain ethnic harmony in BH, then FIFA should mind its own business.

GFC said...

I am not sure why FIFA has that rule...then again there are many rules with FIFA that make zero sense! Look at who runs FIFA...

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