Sunday, April 24, 2011

Time for Cesc to go...and truly rebuild Arsenal

Just a matter of time
After another terrible game where Arsenal fell to their boogie man - Bolton - it is time to admit we are going nowhere fast and must change. That change starts with selling Cesc. I realize his statements this week mirror much of what many Arsenal fans think: get some more veteran talent on the squad. Yet as the captain of the team you cannot allow yourself to come out and make such comments, I realize the media can sometimes twist your words and statements. Just do not allow yourself to be in such a position.

Add to this the fact that Cesc did not appear too averse to all the wooing that occurred last summer from Barcelona and you have a volatile situation. Wenger cannot stubbornly rely on youth it just does not work, especially not in a league with the likes of Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and Manchester City, all clubs with deep pockets who are willing to spend on veteran talent. As I stated in a prior post, it is time to clean house, spend some money and bring in a team that will get over the hump.

Cesc needs to be the first to go.


philip said...

I don't think Arsenal need to buy a bunch of new players. 1 or 2 tops would be good. Selling Fabregas will be good. But Wenger either needs to go or change alot.

Wilshere is good but only 19 and had too much pressure on him. Arsenal need to buy a great midfielder. I don't think there needs to be any more strikers and and new defence although I think koscielny and Djourou are good for the future

GFC said...

I think that Wenger needs to consider taking a new direction, meaning heading over to Ligue 1 and taking over PSG! His reliance on development and stubbornness when it comes to spending on veteran talent is maddening.

With the likes of ManU, ManCity, Liverpool, Chelsea and even Tottenham willing to spend on veterans, the Gunners are fighting with an arm tied. Case in point - Wenger's absolute refusal to purchase a real keeper last off season. That was criminal.