Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ribery heading north, across the Channel?

Latest rumor has French World Cup revelation Frank Ribery leaving Olypique Marseille for North London and Arsenal. This makes sense, why?

Arsenal is about to sell Cole to Chelsea for around 20m pounds, Reyes is rumored to move to Real Madrid this would generate the money as well as the opening for Ribery to move to London. I think this makes sense for many reasons:

  • Cole is leaving, might as well get the most money possible for him.
  • Reyes has never been 100% convincing that he really wants to be at Arsenal
  • Ribery would bring a toughness and spark to Arsenal that Reyes never fully brought to Northern London
Now if Wenger could only find a way of prying Gallas away from Chelsea as well.....

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