Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Barthez without a home.

According to the latest interview in L'Equipe, Barthez, who is without a club team, has yet to end his international career. He even states that he would not have gone to the WC as the #2 keeper.
As much as French football owes Fafa, it is time he gracefully bows out an allows the true #1 French keeper his due. Coupet is the best French keeper, maybe one of the best keepers in the world. While I will not say that with Coupet France would have won the WC, I would have felt a lot better had he been the #1. Something tells me Coupet would have been better positioned on the equalizer against Italy....

Barthez has shown himself to be a little bit of a selfish baby. He has played three world cups, had a world cup championship, a runner up and a European championship. But his time has passed.

Domenech, be a leader and tell Coupet that he is the undisputed #1.

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