Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Master goes out head hung...

Zidane's temper flares up again, at the worst time. Zizou has always been known for having a short fuse, this was seen in the 1998 world cup when he decided to clean his cleats on the back of Saudi player. We saw it again when he inexpicably headbutted Materazzi, obviously Materazzi must have said something to him because it was not due to a violent foul. Zidane was almost the hero, when he powered home a penalty in the first ten minutes, he then almost latched on to a great Sagnol cross in Extra Time, only to see Buffon make an incredible save. However he will most likely be remembered for that headbutt, one that will tarnish an otherwise amazing tournament for Zizou and a stellar career....I am a little numb right now. I felt that Italy played a better first half but France looked the better side the remainder of the match. As always penalties, are the cruelest of excercises.

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