Monday, July 10, 2006

The Irony

I had to wake up this morning realizing that Les Bleus will not be the world cup champions and that the last image I will have of Zizou is his leaving the pitch, head down, passing within inches of the world cup trophy both figuratively and literally. Adding to this, I find out that Zizou was voted the player of the tournament. What irony.

Granted, all the votes were most likely submitted before Zidane started his audition for the ultimate fighting championships.

What should have been been a day of celebration for French Football, we instead have a day to scratch our heads and wonder what could have been. What made Zidane so great, so driven also made him react in an inexcusable manner. Zidane's greatness should never be questioned, but sometimes his judgement should be. Without him France would never have reached Berlin, unfortunately without him for the last 10 minutes and shoot out they would not overcome their opposition.

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