Friday, June 30, 2006

Lehmann send Argentina packing

The home field advantage sees host Germany through after a cautious match against Argentina. Ending in penalties.

This game could have been very different had Abbondanzieri not needed to be substituted for in the 71st minute. This would or should have allowed Argentina to bring in Messi late in the game. Argentina need to be questioned with regards to their match management. Unless Riquelme is injured you should not remove him since he can control the tempo. And why not find a way to get your most dynamic player on the field - Messi? Too many teams want to sit on a one goal lead way too early in the game. Argentina started going defensive with over 20 minutes, too much time to allow the Germans to threaten your goal. As Extra Time approached it was clear that both teams were tired and both teams were making mistakes.

Germany won the way they know how to, playing for PKs and winning in front of a home crowd. Ashamed that Messi did not get a run at a very shaky German defense. Argentina will limp home wondering what could have been. Never lose with one of your best players on the bench.....

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