Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Champions League - Chelsea and Lyon

Wow what a day in the Champions League yesterday!

First, I still am shocked of the Chelsea - Barcelona match. Is Terry the new goal scoring machine for Chelsea? And what happened to the Barcelona defense? It still remains to be seen if Chelsea can win this ultimate prize. Mourinho is demonstrating his ability to play the mind games, he focused all the attention the past week on his "rivalry" with Rijkaard allowing his team to prepare away from the searing media lights. But dealing with the possibility of winning the club's first Premiership Title as well as the pressures of a having a huge payroll might take its toll on Chelsea. Remember last year when they finally got the "Arsenal Monkey" off their back in the 1/4 finals only to be surprised and knocked out by Monaco in the semis. We shall is if Chelsea can go further this season.

I personally was smiling when I saw Man U fall to AC...

Finally, what is going on with Lyon, they get through with a 10-2 aggragate...unbelievable. I know that Bremen was pushing to try and overcome their 0-3 deficit from the first leg but giving up 7 GOALS is outrageous. It seemed that at least 3 of the goals were Lyon players walking in one on one versus goalkeeper Reinke, where was the defense? I think Lyon are in a position to surprise teams, much like Monaco did a year ago. This team has demonstrated a solid "system" having won the past 3 French League Titles, finishing in the top 3 since 1999, the foundation was put in place by Santini and follow through with Le Guen. I think that team cohesion and success goes further than teams of superstars cobbled together (see Real Madrid). Will Lyon win the Champion's League, it is still a long road with many solid teams but they have as good a chance as the European Giants that remain...

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