Monday, March 07, 2005

Arsenal's Troubles

While I have seen the Champions league game, I did read the report a disgrace. What happened to the invicible Arsenal of last season, the team that rewrote the history books in England? They now look like a shell of that team. Granted they did not find Champions League glory last season, nor did they win the double, but in both cases they at least made a case for themselves. This season they get held at home by Sheffield, lose to Bayern and are not really making a great case for even being second in the Premiership this season. With all their funds being sucked into the new stadium they have no way of filling the holes, and there are back, goalkeeper, second goal scorer.....I have a feeling that we will be seeing Arsenal struggle with Chelsea spending like a drunken sailor and Man U being Man U.....Arsenal needs to get into the new stadium ASAP, and start bringing in experienced talent to help the youngsters get up to speed....

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