Sunday, September 06, 2015

Les Bleus back to a 4-3-3

After a 1-0 victory over Portugal, sorry for the lack of commentary but I did not see the game. I will have to go back and watch. But looking forward. Deschamps will look to get back to his 4-3-3 versus Serbia in their friendly tomorrow in Bordeaux.

The expected formation -

Lloris (Cap.)- Sagna ou Debuchy, Varane, Koscielny ou Mangala, Trémoulinas - Pogba, Schneiderlin, Matuidi ou Kondogbia - Valbuena, Giroud, Griezmann

Interesting to see the same central defensive pairing back out on the pitch (well unless Mangala gets in over Kos), but with some changes at the fullback. It will be good to see Tremoulinas back on the pitch he called home. Plus I think he deserves a serious look at that left back slot. In the midfield, Deschamps will again be able to call upon a solid block with the likes of Pogba, Schneiderlin, Matuidi or Kondogbia. The attacking trio will resemble a more regular formation with Griezmann wide left and Valbuena right, well Le Petit Velo out right on paper, but we all know he will most likely roam the offensive 1/3 of the pitch. Giroud back in the natural #9 role.

What will be interesting to watch for is how the French wings are bolstered with true wide players on the field. In the 4-4-2, the way Deschamps lined it up on Friday, did not have real attacking wingers on the field. DD did have a very powerful engine room with the likes of Sissoko, Pogba, Matuidi and Cabaye. Can Deschamps find a way to keep his midfield strong but have players like Griezmann on the field to give the team attacking width? And what about the right side? I realize that Valbuena is listed as the right winger in this formation, but I highly doubt he will stick out there for very long. Look for him to roam back in the middle of the field and even out to the left. This continues to be an issue for this side. This will place greater emphasis on the likes of either Sagna or Debuchy to take the space on the right side and provide some quality crosses. Otherwise the field will lean too heavily on the left.

I look for France to build on their success away to Portugal. France 2 - Serbia 0. Giroud and Valbuena.

Allez Les Bleus!

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