Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Oh Manchester United...

The following is a post from a guest blogger - Matthew "Ice" Rybak. Look for him to contribute to the Bean Town Frog. Unfortunately he is a Manchester United fan, but is semi intelligent so we will accept his contributions. Welcome aboard Matty Ice!

Congrats to Chelsea for being the Floyd Mayweather of Soccer and Manchester Utd. Stumble once again. Transfer Rumors.

Congrats to Chelsea for being the most boring Champion ever. (Sorry Chelsea fans but you only deserve one sentence for the display of football you made me sit through this season.) If I am setting a precedent based off of my last statement, then Manchester United doesn’t even deserve a mention after their past two weeks performances. However Louis Van Gaal doesn’t deserve to get off that easy. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. LVG is insane, after two weeks of nothing being delivered from the midfield of Fellaini, Young, Mata and Herrera he went back to them again. And again the same result, dominant in possession but lacked that special imagination to break through the wall of defense that West Brom constructed. 

The start of the second half brought about the typical LVG substitutions of Di Maria and
Mad Dutchman??
Falcao (which lead to disjointed play and more frustration from the home crowd). However Louis tried to shake things up by dropping Robin Van Persie into a central midfield position. This decision infuriated the striker whose body language went from poor to shit and left Rooney running around aimlessly with no true position. This decision just makes you scratch your head especially since RVP has been on the bench for the past month with an injury. Then LVG choose him for the PK, nothing about RVP’s play warranted that decision. Everyone in the building knew Robin wanted nothing to do with that free kick. He steps up with the chance to tie the game and make up for all his blown chances earlier in the game but except he floats a duck to the right side of the goal for a relatively easy stop from the goalkeeper. It is time for Louis Van Gaal to pivot his soccer philosophy before Manchester Utd finds themselves on the outside of the top 4. 

LVG seems to have the infatuation level with his system that a 13 year old girl does with Justin Beiber. No matter how many DUI’s or arrests that clown has, that 13 year old will always love him. It seems about two months ago LVG struck gold with the combination of Mata Herrera and Young but now the three of them produce nothing more than aluminum. Manchester United experienced a similar issue earlier in the season when they were playing with two wing backs and after multiple dismal performances he reluctantly decided to switch to a four man back. Hopefully LVG can see the light again and make another brilliant tactical change to secure that coveted Champions League birth. Transfer Rumors: Everyone to United, De Gea to Madrid.

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alia52nalie said...

Even I could never find out the reason why people adore them so much. I am not quite sure but I remember correctly my cousin who works with a DUI attorney Los Angeles was telling me that even RVP got charged with DUI too but he paid quite a handsome money to get this news out from main stream media.