Thursday, March 26, 2015

Karim captain!

With the injury to Lloris, the question became who would wear the captain's arm band. Interesting that a player who has worn the arm band and for more than one match is in the starting line up - Evra. Of course he was the captain during the disaster that was the South African World Cup. DD decided to choose the Real Madrid striker - Benzema to wear the arm band for this match.

I didn't ask for any gov't identification...
I understand why you could not give it back to Evra. But I am not sure I would have picked Benzema evidence to prove this...and they were acquitted. Hey I am not naive enough to think these boys are all choir boys, nor do I expect them to be. But couple this with some of Karim's sometimes on field issues - aka lack of production. Remember his year long goalless drought??? And I don't see the ideal model for a captain. Granted it is only for this match, or maybe the next one as well. But would have rather seen Matuidi carrying the arm band - maybe even Varane who profiles as the long term French captain.
either. Not when you have other choices, Matuidi being the one that comes to mind. Benzema does have some baggage from his off the field activities...remember the under aged lady of the night? It was never in question that Benzema and Ribery had purchased Ms Dehar's services, but whether or not they were aware of her age. The courts did not find enough

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pierrot said...

that is an odd choice -- though of course we don't really know what's been going on, on the training pitch, at clairefontaine... obviously DD's seen things he likes from Benz in that regard.
but as you point out, with, esp., matuidi an alternative ??!! or sakho -- i believe sakho's deputised for the NT?