Monday, November 17, 2014

Which line up for France v Sweden for DD?

Les Bleus will face off against Sweden tomorrow in their final international match of the year. After a tepid showing against Albania, much will be expected from this match. Do France need to come out and give us a scintillating 3-0 win? No. It would be nice...but not to be expected. Les Bleus need to come out and show more than they  did against Albania. Last time the French faced the Swedes they left with a 2-0 defeat in the last group game of the Euros in Ukraine/Poland. Deschamps also faces a number of players that have dropped out due to injury - Yanga-Mbiwa and Schneiderlin most notable. So what could the French formation look like tomorrow?

First I think that DD will go back to his 4-3-3. I also expect some new faces on the field.

We already know that in goal we will have Mandanda in place of Lloris, a nice reward for the OM keeper to get a start on his home pitch.

On defense, I would like to see Kurzawa on the left start for Les Bleus. In his 20 minutes on the field against Albania he showed some pace and offensive ability otherwise not there with the other options. He made one turn that looked more like a strikers' move then a left back. Of course it might be Mangala as the center back pairing.  It would be surprising to see Zouma as a starter, unless Managala's calf is not 100%.
Sophomoric behavior!
interesting to see the Monaco left back getting a start against the nation he acted in such a sophomoric manner against with the U20s. I expect to see Jallet back on the right, Varane in the middle and

The middle 3 will look familiar - Cabaye, Pogba and Sissoko as the middle three. Cabaye will have the role of sitting deeper of the three while I expect Pogba and Sissoko to "split" the field between the right and the left.

For the top three offensive players - I would like to see Griezmann on the left and Valbuena on the right. Look for Gignac to get a start in the middle as the lone striker - another opportunity to have a OM player on his home field. DD could also insert Payet on the right in place of Valbuena for the same reason. And see if Payet can offer a real solution out on the right side.

It would be good to see both Guilavogui and Zouma get some time in the match during the second half. See how the Wolfsburg midfielder can integrate with the likes of Cabaye/Pogba/Sissoko as well as if the Chelsea central defender can provide cover or partner with Varane.

I will be interesting to see what DD is thinking with his line up and formation.

Allez les Bleus!

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