Tuesday, July 08, 2014

What time does the Germany v Brazil semi final start?

Wow, talk about humiliation. Germany hasn't been that ruthless since they bypassed the Maginot Line in 1940...an absolutely clinic on German efficiency.  7-1 and it could have been worse! You just don't see those score lines in international football anymore, you don't see them in the semi finals and you certainly do not see them where Brazil is on the wrong end
It is okay - just find some defensive midfielders and fullbacks who can defend
of the score line.

An absolute embarrassment but a deserved one. Why?

Brazil was a complete fraud team in this World Cup. For all the bluster coming from Scolari he will have to eat some serious humble pie. Yes the home side were without their most talented player - Neymar and their leader and defensive rock - Silva. But that is no excuse for giving up 7 goals...SEVEN!! Could have been 8 if Ozil put away his 1v1 late in the game. But that is not the reason why Brazil got trounced. It is because the team was over-hyped and had such a massive shortcoming it is somewhat shocking they reached this stage. They have ZERO defenders and their midfield is non existent. Take out Silva and you see how he was a one-man defensive core. David Luiz is atrocious, why why why did PSG sign him.
All the hair product in the world can't give this defense extra hold
There is a reason Chelsea ended up pushing him to a midfield role. He thinks he is Socrates and can make mazy runs through the opposing defense. Uh no. You can't Luiz, you are just a caricature and frankly just cause you have crazy hair doesn't make you the next Valderrama! He needs 4 defenders behind him to clean up the messes he makes. Look at the 5th German goal. Luiz makes an atrocious attempt at a tackle on Hummels ( who by the way started his run from his defensive 1/3 and no Brazilian striker or midfielder decided to check that run) and instead of stopping the ball, it finds its way to Ozil who has a 3v2 and bang - Germany 5-0.

Good to see Scolari has two stalwart fullbacks as well. Marcelo and Maicon are absolute jokes. You know when Maicon is started over Alves for "defensive" purposes you are in trouble. Maicon, like Alves, can really only run in one direction - forward. Marcelo is a total donkey. Watch what he does on the second German goal. He keeps the play onside because he runs parallel to Muller, almost runs into Cesar since his run was so deep he makes his run and allows Muller to just run to the penalty spot. Hey Marcelo, did you notice that your fellow defenders where holding the line up by the 18 yard box...you know...playing the offside? A donkey.

I also looked the replay and I still couldn't find a Brazilian midfield. Fernandinho and Gustavo were absolutely criminal in their play. Turning balls over with ease, not tackling anyone, allowing acres of space to the Germans. Pogba did more alone than these two did combined! Also not sure there were any offensive players on the field for Brazil - Hulk, Oscar, Fred and Bernard certainly aren't going to make anyone forget Pele, Zico, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho...

It is nearly impossible for me to root for Germany, but I will admit I was hoping for a larger
Sorry I think we scored again...
score line...maybe even 10 goals. The Brazilian team and Scolari sold fans a bill of goods. They had one of the world's best players in Neymar who masked many of the cracks. They also had one of the world's best defenders - Silva - who somehow kept a ragtag group of defenders together. But they had no spin no back bone. Once they went down a goal they seemed lost. Did not know what to do. I place that blame on Scolari for not preparing this squad and also not making the necessary changes during the tournament. Fred? Why did he insist on starting that donkey? Granted maybe he didn't see Jo as a real option...maybe he shouldn't have taken him along! Hulk played 45 minutes of good footy - second half against Chile.

So now Brazil have lost the second World Cup they have hosted. The nation is in mourning, but if the nation had taken an honest look at themselves they should have known that those gold shirts were fools gold.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much PSG paid for David Luiz. I don't think he's a world class defender, and he showed why in the game vs Germany. There are so many better players PSG could have bought--Pogba, Greizmann, Dani Alves, di Maria, maybe Benzema, maybe Varane. I think Sakho is better than David Luiz, who is all style, little substance. David Luiz's agent must by a genius to have conned PSG into paying so much.

GFC said...

Ugh...don't remind me...the David Luiz signing was AWFUL