Tuesday, May 13, 2014

DD's list for Brazil - no real surprises...and calls the Nasri situation as it is

Today Deschamps announced his list of 30 for Brazil. Unlike prior tournaments, he announced the list of the 23 that will go to Brazil, so we avoid the situation that Domenech put his squad through of having players "cut" during the training camp. From a players' perspective this should make the time spent at Clairefontaine more peaceful. The two lists:

The 23 that are on the Brazil list:

Lloris, Mandanda, Landreau - Debuchy, Digne, Evra, Koscielny, Mangala, Sagna, Sakho, Varane - Cabaye, Grenier, Pogba, Matuidi, Mavuba, Sissoko, Valbuena - Ribéry, Benzema, Giroud, Griezmann, Rémy

The 7 that are reservists:

Cabella, Gonalons, Lacazette, Perrin, Ruffier, Schneiderlin, Trémoulinas

The surprises for me:

  • The exclusion of Nasri. I guess this really should not be a surprise since even the player has been expressing his feelings that he himself did not expect to get the call from DD. Yet I still find it somewhat surprising that he was not even in the expanded group of 30. Then again when you hear what DD had to say about the player, it all makes sense. DD finally came out and verbalized what many had assumed with
    A sight never to be seen again?
    regards to Nasri - he does not play well with others. Deschamps was clear that when Nasri is not a starter and comes off the bench he pouts, he pouts and his teammates do not appreciate that. So it looks like the maturity issues with Nasri remain. Does this put an end to his career for Les Bleus? Clearly if DD remains in charge of France through the Euros in 2016, yes. The issue with Nasri has never been his talent, but his attitude. Unless that has a radical make over, it appears evident that we will not see him wearing the French #11 shirt anymore.
  • Some intrigue at left back. I thought that DD might go young and call up the Monaco left back Kurzawa and get him into camp. The inclusion of Tremoulinas is interesting.  Why? Because the former Bordeaux left back was always in the conversation as an option at the position, yet the past few seasons he has faded into the background. With the likes of Digne and Kurzawa as well as Clichy still hanging around, it appeared that Benoit's chances to showcase for France had all but disappeared. That appears to be premature. Speaking of Clichy. How far the former Arsenal left back has fallen in the pecking order. The recently crowned EPL champion to not even make the list of 30 is telling. He may need a move away from Manchester City, where he is no longer a regular starter, in order to jump start his international career again.
  • Welcome Mr Schneiderlin. After all kinds of chatter concerning the Southampton midfielder it is nice to see him get a call up. The English press was all over the fact that he should be selected for the English national team...and to be honest since the
    Back in Bleu...at least as a reservist
    rules around national team eligibility is so confusing I am not even sure if that was an option. Regardless it was good to see the player get a call from DD. Will Morgan have a chance to break into the squad? Yes. But he has some strong competition, with the likes of Matuidi, Cabaye and Pogba firmly entrenched as starters. The question is does Schneiderlin have a legitimate chance to move ahead of the likes of Mavuba in the peaking order? Time will tell. One advantage that France has, unlike the aforementioned England, is depth at holding midfielder - with Gonalons, Mavuba, Schneiderlin etc.
Overall the list has any major surprises. There is no Chimbonda in this list, aka a player that no one expected being included in the list. Deschamps has been very consistent with his rosters and the players he will be taking to Brazil is no different.

Allez les Bleus.


Anonymous said...

where is Kévin Gameiro..he is now in form better than benzama or griud...we will miss Gameiro and Jérémy Mathieu.....


GFC said...

I think Gameiro was a long shot. He has been playing well in Spain - 15 goals in 34 appearances. Not too shabby. He would have been an interesting option since he could play at the top of the formation or out on a wing, something that would serve DD well in a 4-3-3.

As for Mathieu, I think he too would have served France well as he could play left back or left midfield, bringing some flexibility there.

However DD has been consistent with his rosters. I see Remy as being the one that plays the Gameiro role. He can slot both as the high line striker or out wide. And there is actually some depth on the left of the formation.

Hardest part of these rosters is that you will always leave some very talented players home...not a bad problem to have.

John R said...

I would take Remy over Gamiero honestly. Gamiero is Remy gives Deschamps some options with his pace and can go out on the wings.

Disappointed that Cisse didnt find awesome form this year and make the team. The guy has so much team spirit, I'd like to see Deschamps bring him to Brazil with the staff.

As for Nasri, I just hope the media and fans get over it quickly, we need to focus on the football. Nasri is about personal glory and fortune, he is no good for a national team.

You should consider doing a piece before the friendlies discussing what you think Deschamps needs to figure out in these games before we go to Brazil. Do you think he should try a 4-4-2 with two strikers in one of our games?

GFC said...

I will definitely blog once we get closer to the friendlies. I do think that DD will try with some different alignments and formations during some of the friendlies as well as in training. I would not expect to see some of that experimenting in the second half of games. However I think that for most of the time we will see France in a 4-3-3 which I think is the best formation for this collection of players.

As for Cisse, I think unfortunately his time with France has passed. He unfortunately suffered those two horrific leg breaks that derailed his career. One leg break kept him out of the 2006 World Cup...his pace might have made a difference against Italy! I always enjoyed him as a player...such pace...such guile.

I agree with Nasri as well...time to move on!