Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Say it ain's so Arsene...Arsenal bid on Suarez.

With the rumored move on Real Madrid striker Higuain sputtering along, the latest rumor is that Arsene and the Gunners are looking at Luis Suarez from Liverpool. Ugh. There is no questioning the Uruguay striker talent, but it is all his other baggage that Wenger doesn't need. Everything from being a racist to a cannibal are labels that Suarez's actions have bestowed on himself.

The mad biter

Wenger and Arsenal need to stay far away from this cancer. While the player's talent should power his club to challenge for trophies, his baggage become too much of an albatross. If you have a player on your roster that is a risk of getting a 10+ game suspension at any time, how can you stomach spending a large sum of cash to acquire that player and then have to deal with the constant headache that player provides? Not worth it.

Come on Wenger, get Higuain in here and let Suarez leave England.

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