Thursday, June 20, 2013

PSG rebuffed again by managerial target...getting a tad embarassing.

The latest out of the French capital is that the latest managerial target - Rijkaard - said "thanks but no thanks. This comes hours on the heals of another Italian saying no thank you to PSG - Capello. This is getting a tad embarrassing. So let's see...Mourinho, Villa Boas, Hiddink, Benetiz, Wenger, and probably a few others we don't know of have all said no to the wheel barrels of money that PSG wants to throw out players. Should we start panicking? Maybe a little.

PSG has historically had a revolving door when it comes to their managerial positions. This has only become more magnified with the media circus that has become the every day entourage of PSG. But this is becoming a serious concern. PSG's success, money not withstanding, seems to be hanging loosely together. With the likes of Ibra teetering on the edge of wanting to leave. Having a well respected...and stable...manager in place is vital to keeping all these loosely assembled parts together. The longer the process and the more high names managers say no to PSG, the more precarious the possibility for future success seems. Add to this mix the new riches from newly promoted Monaco and PSG might find itself in a real sticky situation in League 1.

So PSG are rumored to be turning back to Laurent Blanc. Which I thought was a decent choice a few weeks back. But after having done another loop with AVB, Hiddink etc since then, will Blanc be eager to go back to that well? Messy messy messy.

Come on PSG, find your man, and get him into the Parc des Princes...and soon.

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