Thursday, January 31, 2013

Beckham to PSG...really? Where will he play?

After playing coy with the media, the Spice Boy, David Beckham ends up in the city of lights - with PSG. Uh okay. When this transfer was discussed months ago I was very skeptical. On the sporting front I just do not see why PSG would bring in a way-past-his-prime former England captain. On the branding and marketing side it makes "sense."

But where do you play him? He could not longer "tear up" the MLS so now what will he be able to do back in Europe? The PSG midfield is already full of quality players - Menez, Pastore, Matuidi, Motta and the youngsters - Veratti and Lucas. You cannot expect Beckham to play the creative midfield role, he does not have the legs anymore. He cannot play wide, those corridors are already occupied but the likes of Menez et al. Deep lying play maker? Seems like Ancelotti rather have players with engines there - Motta and Matuidi come to mind. Could Golden Balls be used as a late game sub off the bench? Sure. I can see him being played 15-20 minutes if PSG is chasing a goal. Use his dead ball skills and some of his creativity. But even in that capacity I feel PSG has plenty of options to fulfill that role...who also have younger legs.

On the sporting plan this does not seem to jive. If it is about creating buzz, selling kits, filling stadiums and turning PSG into a greater "name"...mission accomplished.

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