Monday, November 19, 2012

Domenech...back again

So our favorite French national team manager has found a way back into the spotlight with the upcoming release of his book - "Tous Seul." Translated, the title means "all alone," which is where I wish he had stayed. I will actually shell out some money to get the book, read about how Dumbenech was a victim in everything and he is not to blame. Sigh.

From some excerpts from the book, it sounds as if Domenech decides to blame everyone - Anelka, Henry, Ribery, Evra... for the terrible adventure in South Africa. While the players deserve blame, I cannot help but wonder what Domenech is complaining about when HE selected these players. This is not like a team that Domenech had to take over. He was the manager...he picked his team. Henry complained that he wasn't playing. Don't select him. Anelka was divisive. Leave him at home. Ribery was self-centered, don't bring him. I realize this is easier said than done. But seriously.

I look forward to reading what other pearls of wisdom come from Dumbenech. While it pains me to give him any of my money, I still want to read what it is like to be completely delusional. Must be nice.

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