Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Special One at PSG??? Yes Please...

In an upcoming interview, The Special One, discusses how close he came to managing PSG. Wow. That would have been...well....very interesting for PSG and Ligue 1. In the end he decided to go from Chelsea to Inter, not entirely surprising Ligue 1 does not really stack up to the EPL, La Liga and Serie A. What was very interesting is what Mourinho had to say about why he even gave PSG some consideration.

«J'ai déjà dit que je ne comprenais pas comment une des plus grandes capitales du monde pouvait ne pas avoir un club de dimension mondiale, a-t-il poursuivi. Paris est un cas unique. C'est quand, la dernière fois que Paris a disputé la Ligue des champions ? 2004 ? C'est impensable, dans une ville qui aime autant le football, qui compte autant d'immigrés, portugais et autres.»

 Basically what the Special One is saying is it is inexplicable why one of Europe's premier cities does not have a world class footballing club, especially considering the talent pool just within the city limits. I could not agree with him more strongly. Mourinho might be the master of the obvious, but that challenge and potential seems to have given him a serious pause for thought. Let us just hope that the powers that be at PSG recognize this and become serious about taking the club to the right level both in France and Europe.

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