Tuesday, January 18, 2011

France's Nike Kit is out! A bit underwhelming,,,

So we have finally arrived, the day we had been waiting for...the new Nike kit for France as the American sports manufacturer kicks off their new relationship with Les Bleus (my computer crashed yesterday so this piece is a day late!). Nike and Les Bleus rolled out 4 players, all Nike players no surprise, to show off the new home stripe for Les Bleus:

New Look France
 Overall the kit is ... okay. Nothing too outstanding, plain, simple and to the point. I do like the detail of the sleeve's red detail, see M'Vila showing it off. It does have a bit of a retro look to the kit, which is very much in vogue. I did read somewhere that the kit reminded fans of the the England kit - very plain and very retro. No surprise since England is also kitted out by Umbro...who is owned by Nike. I guess for me the biggest "issue" is not seeing the blue, white and red stripes down the sleeve, which of course is the tell tale sign of an Adidas kit! I do agree a bit with Blanc that it somewhat smacks a bit of the Italian kit...then again Nike used to kit out Italy in the past, maybe they just pulled some of their old Italian kits from the warehouse!

Here is to a new kit, a new France and a new era for Les Bleus. The last one wasn't too bad...as long as you just forget the Domenech era!

Great ad by Nike, I am looking forward to seeing the marketing push from Nike, which has always been a step ahead of their German rivals.

Allez les Bleus.


philip said...

I think they are ok I like the last kit from Adidas and the 2006 ones the best. Would like there to be a little more red

GFC said...

I think Blanc made the same comment about the red. The sleeves do have the nice detail of red underneath that when rolled up give it a more bleu - blanc - rouge feel.

Jeff said...

...and the Santini era.

GFC said...

Oh yes Santini, I think the Domenech era has made us forget how terrible Santini was! Granted France lost to the eventual European Champs - Greece, but Santini did nothing to cover himself in glory. The fact he was not certain of where to play Zidane - many times sticking him out on the right in the 4-4-2 seemed a bit like a waste of a true #10!