Monday, December 31, 2007

Transfer window set to open...who will move

I have been lax with my ramblings, mainly due to the holiday season...granted that is no excuse when the banger and mash eaters are living the football orgy that is the holiday span in England. But the above article started me thinking about who will be on the move this January.

The rumors around Berbatov started swirling last summer, with Manchester United being the primary landing place. According to what his agent has been saying about the Bulgar wanting to play for a "big club" that means he can either stay in London either go north to Arsenal or south to Chelsea or really head north to Manchester United. Otherwise he would have to leave the friendly confines of the UK. I think that if he heads to ManU, I cannot see him getting a lot of run he will find himself behind Tevez and Rooney, and quite possibly Saha . So Berbatov will part of the second striker rotation but will not be at the same level of the pecking order as he is in Tottenham. However, when a player makes such public statements about wanting to move on and when there have been soft eyes made between the player and ManU you can assume that the move will happen.

I think if Berbatov moves it will make Anelka the next target for either Chelsea or Arsenal. I believe "The Sulk" will end up in London, but with the Blues. Why? With Drogba hurt, Sheva being Sheva and Pizarro atrocious there is a dire need for a striker at Stamford bridge. Also with the African Nation's Cup Chelsea will lose more than other clubs (other than Portsmouth), such as Kalou. In addition, money is no issue for the Siberian Blues. Will Anelka be joined at Chelsea by Ronaldino...I say yes. It is clear that the latest Brazilian fat boy has worn out his welcome at Barca and with the team built around Messi the buck tooth Brazilian is on his way out. Not sure where he will play at Stamford Bridge....but why not add another high priced overrated player?

Speaking of Arsenal, I think that Lehmann is gone, no surprise there and most likely will head back to Germany. Wenger does need to make some moves this transfer season, I really believe, as I have been saying ad nauseam that I do not see Arsenal's strikers as world beaters...of course granted Adebayour is proving me very wrong with his goal tally so far. However the main problem is - Van Persie, while massively talented, is too injury prone, Eduardo appears to be breaking out of his shell but can he keep it up? Arsenal may also need to find another keeper, assuming Lamehands is gone, because can Almunia keep this up?

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