Thursday, October 25, 2007

Martin Jol out....

No stunner here, Martin Jol steps down from the Northern London club. After a disastrous start to the season the writing on the wall was there that the dutchman would not last. However does he deserve all the blame? I would say no. I think the majority of the blame should fall on the slim shoulders of Robinson.

Robinson has been nothing short of a disaster this season for both club and country. While I have never been convinced that he is a world class keeper, this season he has demonstrated that he might not be a #1 in the Prem. For whatever reason this season Robinson has decided that parrying shots into the middle of the 5 yard box is a new tactic. Against Liverpool for Tottenham and recently against Russia for England, Robinson decided to parry shots that were at his body right into the 5 yard box where the striker following the ball had a simple tap in. In both cases this cost Robinson's teams important points.

Too bad for Martin Jol that his transfer spending did not land him a pair of more reliable hands, cause that might have kept him in his job.

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