Thursday, September 20, 2007

"The Special Whiner" is out!

I must have been living in a cave the past 24 hours, just read that the Special One has left Chelsea. Not really a surprise after all the smoke coming from Stanford Bridge around the riff between Mourinho and Abramovich. After winning two Premiership titles for the London club, it became clear that the two massive egos could not coexist running Chelsea. The arrival of Ballack and Shevchenko marked a tipping point, Mourinho did not want the two players while Abramovich was keen on bringing in the two superstars. It was clear when both players rarely saw the pitch during last seasons campaign, that the Chelsea manager was not happy with the purchases.

After a poor start of the season, culminating in a poor draw in the first game of the Champions League against Rosenborg, the Portuguese manager could not handle the heat and decided to leave the cushy payroll and lofty expectations of the Blues. This leaves Chelsea in a precarious position. With Manchester United getting into gear and Arsenal playing like the old Arsenal, they Blues cannot afford to drop any points. All this with the huge Chelsea v Manchester United match on tap for this weekend.

But what about Mourinho? The rumors are already abound -

  • Will he take over the English national team? Doubtful, after the past two performances it will be hard even for the British FA to change managers mid stream. Plus if the catalyst for Mourinho leaving Chelsea was a supposed bust up with John Terry, not sure taking over England would be a good idea.
  • How about Portugal? With Big Phil blowing his top and getting a suspension could this spell a chance for the Special One to take over his native Portugal national squad? Mourinho has always hinted that he is interested in managing his national side.
  • Here is one, how about taking over for troubled Tottenham? Martin Jol has been given an ultimatum to turn things around, and soon. With all the off season spending, Tottenham was thought (especially from this monday morning quarterback) to challenge the top 4 not fighting to avoid relegation. Maybe Jose would relish the opportunity to take over the underachieving and immensely talented North London squad, sticking it to his former employers Chelsea and rivals Arsenal.....
I think Mourinho will sit out the remainder of the season, getting a 25m british pound severance package is not that bad...makes sitting around a little easier. I think that Jose will bid his time and see what happens with the rest of Euro qualifiers as well as which club teams have openings. Some club or nation will be tempted to offer the Special Whiner a job, but buyer beware. Said candidate comes with a serious amount of ego and baggage. He is a winner, but not necessarily a builder.

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