Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Chivas USA in the Zidane sweepstakes?

Yet another rumor that Chivas USA will look to attract the bald headed Frenchman to the MLS. Again, I am not sure why Zizou would want to ply his trade in the MLS.....if he wants to play again, I am sure some European club would be more than happy to offer him a contract...and I am absolutely sure that his home town club would be willing to splash some money retaining their favorite son to come out of retirement and play for the sky blue OM.

I just don't see Zizou wanting to play in the MLS where he will be running around with a large bulls eye on his back (every defender and hack will try to stop the great Zizou) and unlike Becks (who will also have that bulls eye) Zidane plays in the middle of the park. Becks will find some refuge out on the wings. Zizou also does not have the self importance that Beckham has when it comes to "carrying the soccer flag" globally. Zidane is extremely competitive, not sure the MLS will satisfy that addiction.

If Zidane were still playing for Real Madrid or Juventus or Caen in Ligue 2 would all these rumors swirl around....doubtful.

But if he does come over, guess who will be first in line to watch him play.....well maybe second cause Brett said he would be first.


Laurie said...

I'm sorry, but both of you will need to stand in line, Because I will be first. :-)

GFC said...

No doubt, I am sure that line will be much longer than the three of us!

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