Sunday, August 14, 2005

Essien off to Chelsea

So it would appear that Essien is finally off to Chelsea. This move, while not a surprise, only gives Chelsea another jewel to added to its roster. This will make them a real threat for the treble: FA Cup, Premier Title and Champions League Title. However, I think that Chelsea still need to get a top notch striker to complement Drogba inorder to achieve the ultimate prizes of the treble. The addition of Essien will only make the Chelsea midfield that much more formidable, but the midfield was not the problem spot for Chelsea...

I still see Chelsea as prohibitive favorites for the Premiership title. But adding Essien does not mean the rest of the English teams and European powers will roll over...

On a side note, I am a little disturbed that players can still shoot their ways out of Dodge. Essien basically told Lyon that he was not playing for them this season or ever and only wanted to go to Chelsea. I realize this is not only an occurance in European football (see Randy Johnson in baseball, Terrell Owens in football, etc) but it will be hard for clubs to retain their talent when they can be held up for ransom by players.

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