Thursday, May 12, 2005

Arsenal's 7th heaven

Sorry about the title, I could not resist. Altough I did not get to see the game (biz travel) I did speak with a fellow Arsenal fan and blogger: and was informed that the game was completly dominated by Arsenal, and this without a full strength Henry. Does this bode well for the FA cup? With Man U sliding, should we etch the Arsenal FC name on cup? Not sure. Once Arsenal and Manchester United step on the pitch all bets are off. As I discussed today with Sam, Arsenal did not beat Manchester United this season (maybe costing them the League). Arsenal also has no silverware (neither does Man U). So both clubs will be incredibly motivated to bring home the silver. I still scratch my head as to who will stop Rooney up front from Arsenal. And I am not sure if Henry, Campbell etc will be at full strength for the finals. The FA cup will be a fitting ending to the football season...we shall see who salvages the season and who spends the off season pondering what could have been.....

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